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Suspended Ceilings - Marks

The false ceiling is a fast and modern construction system that guarantees its effectiveness in places where facilities need to hide any type such as the electrical, telephone, ect. The range of finishes is endless and can always choose the most practical and decorative. His execution is quick and clean, perfect in all types of commercial premises, offices, restaurants, etc.

Wooden ceilings and decorative fonoabsorventes a variety in different finishes. Ceiling and wall coverings for all types of work, both new construction and rehabilitation.
The products offered by the brand GRADHERMETIC covers everything related to linear metal ceilings (blades), trays, grids and vertical slats. Just as blinds, shutters and facade solutions from the outside…
Acoustic ceilings and phonoabsorbent mineral fiber, as well as wood and metal, which contribute to the best solution for every need, both decorative and functional.
During the last 45 years has developed many Barrisol stretch ceiling systems to create a very real world: the Barrisol Universe. The solutions offered by more than 20 Barrisol products…

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