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Brand concerning prestige and construction systems for all types of construction, both residential building and the industrial sector, based on Laminated Gypsum. It also manufactures an exciting range of plates for each type of requirement constructive (normal room plates, moisture-proof, fireproof, fireproof, hardness reinforced holes and special enclosures for continuous ceilings). Calls also provides transformed plates, which are equipped with elements that reinforce its properties, as well as required (rock wool plates, vapor barrier, of trillaje with cellular soul, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene). Plasterboard also focuses on the manufacture of roofing materials and suspended ceilings continuous, such as plasterboard-fon (plate or recordable continuous acoustic ceilings and decorative, ideal for acoustic absorption and local spaces), TR and DECOR plates (plates plasterboard recordable or vinyl finish).

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